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academic successes, professional

Franco PASTORE, in art andropos, is been born in S. Valentino Torio. He has collaborated to periodic newspapers and  he has been editor head of  the review "Verso il 2000" directed from writer Arnaldo Di Matteo. He is Italian professor and he writes for the theatre, one cultivated passion end from its friendship with Angrisano Franco, of the company  of Eduardo De Filippo. Its dramas have been represent to you: from  " Group 02" of Pagani, from the Company Arteinsieme C.A.M. and Bottega S.Lazzaro, for the direction of Matteo Salzano.

The cartacee banns have been illustrated: from Greek Luigi painter, Alfano painter and  the sketchers Francisco Corbo and the graphic Paul Liguori, while the musical comments of the multimediali and teatrali jobs are of the musicians Ermanno Pastore  and Pasquale Faggiano.He has published: Commedie – poetry – radiodrammi – literature  for the infancy-historiography  and other.

Some titles them:

  • Desidere to love (poetry) 1977
  • L’ira of the South (novel) - editions “Verso il 2000”-1977.
  • Muttër der toten (the Mrs. Of the Dead women) (radiodramma) the Ediz.1978 Palladio
  • Seven History For PIERINO-1978- ediz. “Verso 2000”
  • The Gospel Of MATTEO (with presentation of Rea Domenico) De Luca Edit. - Amalfi 1979
  • S.Marzano in the plain campana, Editions Palladio, Salerno 1983
  • Smiles d’love, PAES Edit.. 1987
  • FABELLAE, Paes Ediz. 1988
  • To the shadow Of the CERVATI (poetry) -  Naples 1995
  • A day Like an Other (commedia) Nocera Inf. 1998
  • The taste of the life (storys) – Ediz. Palladio - Salerno 2006

Banns on linens:

  • Smiles of love (Poetry), 1980
  • Shadows of Capelvenere (Poetry), 1985
  • The woman is love, 2003
  • Salerno from the Concord, 2004
  • Metamorphosis (storys), 2005
  • Love and Myth (poetry), 2005
  • The smile of the angels (poetry), 2005
  • An only great dream, 2006
  • Sidera Historiae (the stars of history) 2006
  • The taste of the life (storys – E-book Edition), 2006
  • Fedro and Esopo (Fables), 2006

Multimediali banns:
The Lupa, Elena, Ipatia, Cleopatras, Giovanni Palatucci, Francesca from Rimini, Isotta di Cornovaglia, Geneva and Lancillotto, Juliet and Romeo, Ines de Castro, Lucia Mother, Marianna De Leyva, The Angel of Buchenwald, The disembarkation of Salerno, Sinite parvulos, People and of i, On the ways of the God di Abramo, the Miracle of Betlemme, the Cantico of the Cantici and video-poetries.

  • Host's wife
  • One strange family
  • Bitter earth
  • The arrest
  • The manacher
  • The Pope to Rome.
  • Filomena Cammarano


  • A day like an other
  • A cursed love
  • Sichelgaita, Roberto Guiscardo's wife
  • The templars -The process
  • Arechi II
  • Guaimario IV
  • Robert Guiscard
  • Battle of Carnale
  • Stronger than death


  • The Licence.
  • Don Giovanni Sparapalle.
  • One family in analysis.
  • Peppe Tracchia
  • Concetta Quagliarulo

They have spoken about he:
L. Fiorentino - S. Natale - Nicola Napolitano - Rea Domenico - Gualdoni - Nilde Iotti - Arnaldo di Matteo, A.M.Sceilbe – Vincenzo Caputo, Gerardi Dino of the Yale University, F. Di Matteo, Sofia Gargano and others.
They have written of he:
Il Secolo, Il Giorno, Il Roma, Verso 2000, the gazettes: of the South,  of Salerno, of the Irpinia, of Matera, of Caserta, of Frosinone, of Teramo and still: Encounter - Areopago Cirals - Pan Art  - La Lampàda- La città- Cronache del Meridione- etc.

It is member of “For Gentium Peace”, dell’Accad. of Sciences of Rome and dell’Acc. “Tommaso Campanella ”, has been insignito of the Official congratulations of “the Great Academic Senate”of THE YORKER INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY,  for academic successes, professional and social. In the year 2007, has been insignito of the title "Pioniere della Cultura Europea" . 1st Prize for Fiction Melbourne 2008; 2nd Prize for Fiction Melbourne 2009; 2nd Prize for theater Boccheggiano - Grosseto.